View Full Version : Recommend womans pack?

07-14-2010, 22:10
I'm 5'1" and I've tried a few packs but not sure what I need to get. I'm thinking of starting off with a cheap wal-mart pack until I get my hiking feet under me is this a good idea?

Llama Legs
07-14-2010, 22:17
a cheap Golite Pack from Sierra Trading Post ? They have a couple ladies models on sale right now.

07-14-2010, 22:21
The short answer is buy the best pack you can afford and have it professionally fitted, by another woman if possible. My wife suffered through two ill fiitting bags before she found the right fit and she still has that original Osprey. That was 15 years ago and although there are lighter models now available she will never part with her old friend. Good Luck

07-15-2010, 06:22
When you come to Lexington try going to Phillip Gall's Outfitters on New Circle Road, ask for Kate, she will help you find a bag that fits. She won't sell you a bag unless it fits. And if you don't buy one there at least you will have an idea of what size you need. The Golite is a good pack. She just came back from a couple of months on the AT and is fun to talk with about hiking.

07-15-2010, 06:33
My girlfriend got a Gregory that she likes. She also has a Mammut for overnights.

07-15-2010, 09:06
I'm sold on Gregory packs. Slightly heavier than the more ultralights, but so comfortable. Watch for sales!

07-15-2010, 19:10
Hi, Edie,

My lovely wife uses an Osprey Ariel series pack. She has the 55-liter version, though all the outfitters tried to sell her the 65 on the stated theory that 55 liters isn't large enough for backpacking. (Hah!) Osprey women's packs are very well designed and built.

In any case, the proper pack is the one that (1) fits properly, and (2) holds your stuff. So this is really a two-part process -- find all your other gear, and then find the pack that fits well and holds it all.

Good luck, this is not an easy process.


07-15-2010, 20:18
Thanks everyone, great advice.

07-24-2010, 23:17
My wife's first pack is a Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian Ki. She carries between 25 - 30 lbs in it and she loves it. The nice part about this pack is that the hip belt and the shoulder straps are able to be changed out (and for women specific at that) so that you get the right size pack to fit your torso, and the appropriate sized hip belt and shoulder straps so the pack is highly customizable. She is 5'2" and 95 lbs, of course it's the torso size that really matters here. First, get fitted correctly and then go from there. Good luck.

07-25-2010, 10:15
Another thought: Go to an REI (there's one in Nashville (http://www.rei.com/map/store#TN)) and get fitted for the REI Flash UL pack. Bring all your gear to see if it can fit into the 50-liter model. It worked well for my daughter, although the straps were a little tight around her neck.

I looked at the GG Ki series (http://www.granitegearstore.com/Ultralight-Backpacks-C7.aspx) for my wife. I've used the Nimbus Ozone for over 5 years and it's worked great.

07-25-2010, 12:25
As bigcranky mentioned, the Osprey Ariel 55 is nice. I use the mens version, the Aether 60 and I love it. I met a petite women on the trail the other day who was using the Ariel 55 and she really praised the pack....a lot!
Its a very adjustable, compressible, comfortable pack.
Anyway, you can pick one up for about $200. Don't know if thats in your budget, but its well worth the investment, you'll have it for a long time.

Country Roads
07-25-2010, 18:56
The Wally world pack will work nicely if it fits you. They are mostly made for the average guy. Golite makes nice Women's pack and you can probably find an outfitter close by so that you could try one.

I know this is mean, but try out packs at a local store and then search for the pack you want at discount sites and buy from them or maybe the store will match the price.

07-25-2010, 19:27
I've tried quite a few packs, but have stuck with the GG Vapor Ki since it came out on the market. Comfortable with 30 to 35 lbs, 35 is really the upper limit. After the first few days of a hike, you've eaten enough food that you're down to 30 or less pounds if you are a light packer.

Best advice is to try and try and try until you find something that fits you and your body shape and size. I went through quite a few before I landed with my keeper.

Osprey is my second choice and I have a nice osprey for use with heavier loads, but I rarely use it.

Daydream Believer
07-25-2010, 22:38
I'm very happy with my Osprey Ariel 65. I took it on a 7 day section in May and have no regrets. As a petite woman the only thing I would change, and plan to if I can, is to put a smaller hip belt on it. I lost a bit of tummy on the trip and I ran out of room to tighten the belt. Otherwise, no complaints at all. Good pack and way more comfy than my old external frame.

07-26-2010, 22:42
I am also five one. I have a Gregory Deva for winter, It is a little heavy but very comfortable. For summer, I use a Kelty that is an exterior frame. I really like exterior frames and started with my brother's Camp Trails ...the 70's version. Anyway, cheap or expensive, pick what is comfortable for you.