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07-18-2010, 23:53
Looks like it's a go for about 18 days on trail - Partnership NB to I'm hoping VA 826 - but we'll see how the legs hold out LOL

I had asked (too early) for trail conditions for this stretch - so I'll try again 8)

How's the water and temps up in them thar hills? From S. FL all I see is 90's for the region and not much information on the hill country.

Followed the thread on food - so trying new stuff this year mmm gotta be better than Cliff bar burnout :eek: LOL

Thanks again for any help going to be fun as always!!

07-19-2010, 18:42
Temps here have been hot, but it's not the same as Florida! Full disclosure - I live in Blacksburg, VA and worked for a year in the field in central Florida. My offshifts were happily spent here cooling off - no matter how much folks complained about the heat.

If you are going NB from Partnership, you'll be looking at temps up into the 80's most likely based on the current weather pattern. The altitudes do help from the valley floors - even 1000 or 2000 feet makes a difference. Grayson and Mt. Rogers would obviously be cooler due to higher elevations, but you are shifting lower from Partnership north.

We've had a hot summer here in Southwestern VA thus far. Hot and mostly dry for about 3 weeks, now shifting to hot and more humid. If you've been out and about in FLorida - you're likely to find this a pleasant change. Humidity is nothing compared to places closer to the ocean. It's even much cooler here than in the mid-Atlantic.

Watch your water - things have been drying out here after a nice year and winter of wet. We've had a bit of rain lately, but I'd still be careful.

For weather check - try looking up the weather on the official NOAA sites in the Blacksburg, VA area - it'll be a pretty good all around temperature for the area you are looking to traverse. We have an official NOAA weather station here (roughly 2000 ft). You can shift around from there to check out the AT sections. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Blacksburg&state=VA&site=RNK&textField1=37.2327&textField2=-80.4284

Best of luck!

Rain Man
07-19-2010, 21:09
I hiked NOBO 38 miles from Dickey Gap last weekend. No problem with water or temps where I was. The day temps were quite mild in the 70s and the nights were in the upper 60s. After high 90s in Nashville, the AT was very pleasant in SW VA!

I did post a report and link to photo album in my thread about the hike. If you'd like to see it, search thread titles for "*Summer Solstice*." (That's when it was originally going to be.)



07-20-2010, 09:48
From what I recall there wasn't a lot of water from just below Chestnut Knob Shelter all the way to Pine Swamp Shelter. You will eventually cross water but there are several stretches of 5-7 miles without water.

I really enjoyed the Chestnut Knob and Rice Field Shelters for there open balds but you need to pack water in.

07-25-2010, 23:33

Apparently it's turning into a dry year - hope the water situation is reasonable - I normally carry a 2L bag and a Nalgene

Plan on cooking near water then loading up for the last part of the days hike as needed. Some of the sections here look incredibly dry! others look nice and wet. Time will tell.

Finishing up work tomorrow - Tuesday drive to Partnership and a nice 7 miler to get my trail feet started :)

Any last minute advice?