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07-19-2010, 12:38
I'm headed out for a weekend hike and was wondering if anyone had recent info on the water source for the Smarts Mountain Tentsites/Firewarden Cabin.

07-19-2010, 12:43
This might help people remember:
1754.0 Trapper John Shelter NH 1,345
1754.9 Lyme-Dorchester Road NH 880
1756.9 Lyme-Dorchester Road NH 850
1760.6 Smarts Mountain Cabin NH 3,200
1760.7 Firewarden's Cabin NH 3,230
1764.6 South Jacob's Brook NH 1,450
1766.0 Hexacuba Shelter NH 1,980

07-19-2010, 14:20
Thanks Couscous... it does help to create a frame of reference.

Old Hillwalker
07-19-2010, 15:51
If you are filtering you may be able to suck some water rom the spring located down the Daniel Doan (blue blazed) trail that heads down the mtn from the firewarden's cabin. It's pretty poor, especially in the summer. If it were me I would carry water from the stream at the trailhead just in case the spring is dry. There is a stream at both the NOBO and SOBO road crossings of the AT.

07-19-2010, 16:24
There was no water on top of the mountain a month or so ago. I'd suggest carrying water, too.

07-19-2010, 21:32
Since it's been pretty dry here in New England that's pretty much what I expected to hear. Carry it is then.