View Full Version : Maildrops?

07-19-2010, 15:15
Are any necessary on a LT e2e? I just decided to do this hike on a whim. I have less than 2 weeks to prepare and my guidebooks won't be shipped out until Thursday.

On other threads I've read people say they never needed to carry more than 3 or 4 days worth of food. Are there that many stores accessible along the way?

07-19-2010, 15:32
You can hike e2e without maildrops since the LT crosses many roads which provide access to towns with supplies. Major resupply points include Manchester, Rutland, Brandon and Middlebury (if you're willing to hitch a distance), Waitsfield, Bristol, Richmond, Stowe, and Johnson. Johnson is just east of the LT crossing of VT 15, and is 50 miles from the Northern Terminus (you could also hitch west to Montgomery Center for groceries from VT 242 at Jay Pass).

Keep in mind that you have to allow time for getting off and on the trail to go into town and you may not always be able to buy what you want. The time factor is also true if you shop in stores but the PO in Jonesville is right on the trail and the Inn at Long Trail on US 4 is only one mile east --- both of these are good candidates for drop boxes.

Check out the online end-to-enders guide at http://longtrailhiking.info/end2end.html for descriptions of what's available and where.

07-21-2010, 16:07
There are really only two mail drops IMHO that are worth considering unless you have very specific resupply needs (a special diet for example). These are The Long Trail Inn (need to use a delivery service like UPS, not US mail) and the Jonesville Post Office (assuming you won't risk or don't mind risking getting there when the Post Office is closed). The Post Office is on the trail. The Long Trail Inn is just a mile down the road (or right on your way if you don't mind taking the old route of the LT, rather than the current official route) and great for a meal and/or a night's stay with the hiker discount (no reservations for the discount).

I'm planning a trip now and I started with 3 stops in mind - they are for me automatic unless I am meeting someone who will resupply me. In addition to the two above, there is the hitch to Manchester for the supermarket. Manchester is an incredibly easy hitch with good places to eat, buy groceries, buy gear - or get almost anything a hiker would want in a trail town.

Rough's list of town options is right on target IMHO. I'd just put an extra star next to Manchester.