View Full Version : Jag Bag Silk Liners

07-20-2010, 00:23
A while back while looking for a liner for my sleeping bag a forum member turned me on to the Jag Bag silk liners. Everything looked great about them, so I decided to order the Fine Silk liner. It arrived quickly, and appears to be a well made liner. I was afraid that I would get twisted up in it while inside my sleeping bags, but found that I don't. (YMMV) And once I got my new Marmot Helium I tried it out inside the bag. All that soft plush and fluffy down is sweet, but with the silk liner inside it, it made it like a cloud (IMO). Reminds me of laying under the sheets in my own bed (but quite possibly, better...).

Anyway, I just received an Endura liner the other day to compare. The Endura liner is the slightly heavier-weight brother to the fine silk liner (however, without all the "heavy-weight"). It appears to be a very nice, well made liner.

I am anxiously looking forward to getting both of these in the field for some more use, but I feel confident in them both. (I have used the fine silk liner a few times already and it has done great.)

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I did a little initial comparison of the two and posted it on my blog. It can be read here: