View Full Version : Section hikers in the Whites

07-20-2010, 15:43
I've never been through the Whites as a section hike. Would I be ok to pay the 8 dollars or what ever it is this year to crash on the floor in the huts? I know I did that as a thru hiker and my friend with me did it as a section hiker.


Llama Legs
07-20-2010, 16:02
don't know for sure, I just got the $1 soup for lunch which was awesome!

07-20-2010, 17:29
The AT hut deal is for "thruhikers" only. Considering that thruhikers dont carry an official "thruhikers card", it is left up to hut crew to make the call if someone is a thruhiker. I expect that section hikers get away with it on occasion but it is contrary to the spirit of the policy which is to make accomodation for thruhikers who realistically can not make reservations in advance. Given that is a limited accomodation IMHO, I would consider it unfair for short distance section hikers who are far more likely capable of making reservations to use the huts, others may consider that it doesnt matter. Just realize that every section hiker that grabs a space most likely denies a space to a thruhiker.