View Full Version : Hikers needing a ride south.

Miss Janet
11-11-2004, 20:56
I have a couple that are ending a hike in Hot Springs either this coming Sunday or Monday. They are looking for a ride to Florida. If anyone is headed that way they are happy to pay for gas. Let me know!!

11-11-2004, 21:14
Recall that I'll be doing a 2 day section from Sam's Gap to the river, beginning Saturday and ending Monday AM early. I'll be heading south to Atlanta at that point, heading for a dinner engagement at 6:30PM.

If they can handle my clothing smell and ride just that far, I can help them out. I could drop them off at the bus station or the airport the next morning, if they wish to stay at my house. I plan to leave Atlanta very early Tuesday AM to get back on the trail and finish NC and TN!