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11-12-2004, 08:57
Has anyone hikes the Batona Trail in New Jersey? We are thinking about hiking it the end of november and just wanted some morte info on it. Is it a fairly isoloted trail or is it near main roads and towns? What is the hike like...easy/hard? Any info would be great...thanks!

11-13-2004, 07:12
I just hiked the entire trail 3 weeks ago. It was harder than I thought it would be. Even though there are no moutains there are a few hills and you will be walking in plenty of sand. I started at Ongs Hat and ended at Bass River State Forest. There are only 2 campsites along the entire trail Batona and Lower Forge . The first night I stayed at Batona Camp. The second I had to stealth camp at Evans Bridge. Water is another problem. There is a water pump at the Batona Camp. After that there is no water along the trail. I had to come off the trail at Bastro and fill up with water for the rest of the trip. Some of the trail you are walking in peoples backyards and roads.
Over all it was a quite challenging and enjoyable trip. I didn't see anyone on the trail. There were a lot of people at Batona Camp because you can drive your car to the camp. The entire trip end to end was 52 miles which I did in 2 1/2 days. I had to leave my car At Bass River ranger station which was about a mile or so from the end of the trail. Hope this helps.

11-16-2004, 10:54
I'm an NYC right now. Do you know how easy access is the trail ends using NJ busses?

11-16-2004, 15:31
Getting from NYC to Batona Trail isn't easy via NJ Transit. I went to NJTransit.com and got this recommendation, Penn Station to Trenton, take SEPTA to Philly 30th St.,, take Atlantic City train to Absecon. After you get to Absecon, you should take the 559 bus to Tuckerton. Looks like it would coast about $36 one-way. You could walk out Stage Rd. from Tuckerton to Bass River State Forest. If the driver will let you out at Route 9 and Otis Bog Road, just before West Tuckerton, that would shorten the walk. North on Otis Bog, left on Stage Road. Schedules are all available on njtransit.com.
I take NJTransit from Penn Station to Trenton every night. If, one night after 6 p.m., you want a lift from Trenton to Batsto, email me at [email protected]

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</FONT> 04:16 PMArrive: 30TH ST. (PHL.) (19102) 05:09 PM http://atisweb.njtransit.com/images/transfer.gifTransfer http://atisweb.njtransit.com/images/train.gifDepart: 30TH ST. (PHL.) (19102)(On ATLANTIC CITY)
</FONT> 05:38 PMArrive: ABSECON (08201) 07:06 PM REGULAR FARECHILD/SENIOR/DISABLED FARE Bus Fare$0.00Bus Fare$0.00Rail Fare$23.45Rail Fare$8.90Transfer Fee$0.00Transfer Fee$0.00 Total$23.45Total$8.90

cerial 327
11-16-2004, 17:31
i hiked the batona with a friend of mine, my girl friend and her brother in late july of 04 it was hot like 90 - 100 every day. night hiking was the best my friend that is a novice mountaineer quit after the first day my girlfriends brother quit on the third day it was a grueling 49.5 miles through the pines and water is not frequent i carried 2 nalgenes and a 70 ounce bladder. blueberries in the summer are the best. watch the bears i think i saw one but it was as afraid as i was. definately do the trail in the fall or spring there are two camps to stay in but most of the time you are far enough away from the roads that no one will know if you camp in the brush and sand. check out the hedger house for some food and drinks on route 563. wear shoes that fit my girlfriend had 12 blisters on 2 month old nikes. watch the ticks and chiggers south jersey sucks for ticks and chiggers.

11-16-2004, 19:00
That's a real zig-zag route jjmcgo. It might be easier to take a casino bus from NYC to AC, should be some operating. From AC, take the bus (NJ Transit) into Absecon and catch that number 559. Guarentee the bus ride from NYC will be fast, as the casino bus drivers are menaces. Some of the casino buses used to even give you a roll of quarters, but may not do that anymore.

I did some of this trail many years ago, just a one nighter in the winter. All I remember is that it was real flat. I ended up at Bass River State Park I forget the start point.