View Full Version : Hi can you get Osprey custom moulding in U.S.

woolfie and GG
11-12-2004, 18:45
Hi can you get Osprey custom moulding in U.S. flying over to share thanks giving with my wife's family and we were looking to purchase cresent and luna packs but with the new custom moulding hip belt as it has received rave reviews in the UK

11-19-2004, 15:58
I work at a shop that is an Osprey dealer, The Custom Mold belts don't start shipping from Osprey until mid-January. Our Osprey rep was in the shop last week to give us the rundown on how the process works. Once everything else on the pack is fitted, the belt is removed, placed in a special oven box and baked for 10 minutes. Then the belt is placed on your waist, snugged down and worn for 10 minutes (while applying downward pressure with your hands) as it cools. Twenty minutes for a custom belt, the same idea that highend ski boots have been using for years. The belt can be baked and molded 3 times, after that the foam looses its ability to reform. The Crescent and Luna packs get these belts this year, The Aethers and Aerials in '06.