View Full Version : Tried some new things, and a few observations.

Feral Bill
07-26-2010, 16:26
I just got back from a few days in the Wallowas of Oregon, and thought Iíd share a few observations.

1. Trail runners work. This was my first trip without at least low cut hiking shoes. The light, mesh bodied Vasques gave excellent support, protection, and traction on a variety of trails, including quite rocky. They dry fast after wetting in fords, but also let in any water you happen to step in, including pools of horse sewage.
2. I decided to get one of the Sea to Summit bug nets with a single suspension point for my tarp. It was a bit awkward but kept a rather nasty crop of mosquitoes off my face at night.
3. DEET is wonderful.
4. My shiny new GSI stainless water bottle was great except for being opaque. I had to stop and check it as I pumped to see when it was full. NP for chemical users and risk takers.
5. Knorr tomato sauce is delicious, if you can find it.
6. Under the clear sunny western sky, especially at elevation, a broad brimmed hat is a must. Thank you Mr. Tilly.
7. Even at 7000+ feet, the air is a bit thin if you arenít acclimated. Plan accordingly.
8. Strings of pack llamas are much cuter than horses.

07-27-2010, 01:51
Keep the pack animals out west, Thank you