View Full Version : 9$ 100% poly bag liner

07-28-2010, 18:47
found a sweet mummy liner at academy sports for $9! its pretty nice actually, its got a drawstring hood, 1/4 "easement" for gettin in the liner, and a velcro closure for closing the top of that up (although i may change this to omnitape all the way down the slit). its a swanky grey color too. they had 4 different versions, mummy and a rectangular available in a poly cotton blend (8$) and the 100% polyester(9$). im in my 68 degree house sweatin a little, and its pretty stretchy to boot. im guessing somewhere around 8-10oz. ill be taking it in late august for an overnight all by its lonesome to see how it fares.


07-28-2010, 19:57
I'll have to check that out. That might work for a summer bag here.

07-29-2010, 20:30
I have a homemade poly liner which sounds similar to this. It is about 64" in the shoulders and 42" in the foot and about 72" long. It does not have a hood. The poly is stretchy as well and it weighs about 9 oz. It will pack down pretty small, but I haven't measured. It has a light-weight 36" zipper on the right side. It is perfect for a summer blanket. Abd it cost me about $5 cause I got the fabric off the clearance rack.