View Full Version : Water or BEAR problems Standing Bear - Erwin TN??

08-01-2010, 21:41
Are there any water problems between Standing Bear Hostel and Erwin TN this year? It was bad when I was last there in 2007.

The bear problems at Walnut Mountain and Roaring Forks - any improvements recently? When I was at Roaring Forks, we had a hard time finding any suitable bear hanging locations. We got by fine, however.

Cabin Fever
08-01-2010, 21:49
Water is probably really scarce north of the Smokies. Rain has been few and far between. I would load up at every opportunity - especially before the long ridge walks like Big Butt.

There hasn't been much chatter about bears at Walnut Mountain and Roaring Forks this year. I was under the impression that bear cables had been installed at those shelters so maybe the problem is going away.

08-01-2010, 22:52
You might be right about the bear cables at Roaring Forks and Walnut Mountain. I think I read about cables at Walnut Mountain.

Thanks for the cautions about water shortages. I'll try to make sure I always carry extra.

08-01-2010, 23:34
A lot of the springs from Erwin and 30 miles south (to Devils Fork Gap) are dry or running low. Still plenty enough to get by with if you don't let yourself get too low.

Tennessee Viking
08-02-2010, 00:56
Storms might be hitting the mountains but nothing is soaking in the grounds. Much of the soil is so packed and dry that the water runs right downhill.

From Standing Bear to almost Allen Gap, you want to always hang.