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08-05-2010, 21:52
Hi, Im going to be starting just before Mount Moosilauke on the 12th, and continuing north and was wondering if there were many water sources in this part of the trail because it doesn't look like it on the map? I usually go through 2 liters of water pretty quickly if it is really hot so Im not quite sure how much water to bring any suggestions?

08-05-2010, 22:02
Should be able to get water at most of these places...
1788.6 Beaver Brook Shelter
1797.6 Eliza Brook Campsite Shelter
1801.6 Kinsman Pond Campsite Shelter
1803.5 Lonesome Lake Hut
1809.0 Liberty Springs Tentsite
1812.8 Greenleaf Hut & Mt. Lafayette
1816.7 Garfield Ridge Campsite Shelter
1819.4 Galehead Hut
1822.2 Mt. Guyot, Guyot Campsite
1826.4 Zealand Falls Hut
1831.2 Ethan Pond Campsite Shelter
1840.5 Mizpah Spring Hut
1842.2 Spring
1843.5 Spring
1845.2 Lake of the Clouds Hut
1846.6 Mt. Washington
1850.8 The Perch Shelter via Israel Ridge Path
1851.4 Thunderstorm Junction
1852.3 Madison Spring Hut
1855.3 Osgood Tentsite
1856.1 W Branch, Peabody River
1860.1 Pinkham Notch, NH 16
1866.0 Carter Notch Hut
1866.7 Spring
1873.2 Imp Campsite Shelter
1879.3 Rattle River Shelter
1881.2 US 2
1882.7 Brook
1888.1 Trident Col Tentsite
1890.8 Dream Lake
1892.3 Moss Pond
1893.0 Gentian Pond Campsite Shelter

08-06-2010, 05:37
You've got a hut every 8 miles or so - no problem.

Migrating Bird
08-06-2010, 08:28
Potable water at each hut (free) lemonade, hot tea was $1 when I came through in June.

Llama Legs
08-06-2010, 09:16
(2005) I ran completely out of water somewhere before climbing Mt. Garfield, so I had to get water from a "pond" off the left side of the trail. It was fairly nasty looking water. That might be a good stretch to carry a little extra...