View Full Version : Feet circulation problems?

Papa Razzi
11-16-2004, 23:25
Does anyone have any circulation problems with their feet while using a hammock? I inevitably end up with a bit of sag in the hammock, no matter how taut I get the ridgeline. This causes my legs to be slightly elevated from my hips, and consequently I'll often wake up with cold feet because I'm not getting enough cirulation to my feet. Has anyone encountered this, and if so, have you found a solution? Hopefully I'm just doing something wrong with pitching the hammock. For the record, I pitch it with a level ridgeline and sleep as diagonally as I can.

Hammock Hanger
11-17-2004, 09:50
I actually pitch mine so that my feet are slightly elevated on purpose. It helps to relieve any swelling or pressure from the days hike. I have had no ill effects from doing so. Sue/HH

11-17-2004, 10:03
Most hammockers slightly elevate their feet for what Sue mentioned and also to keep your body centered in the hammock. I haven't thought about it contributing to cold feet, but maybe it does. Sometimes it does seem like my feet want to get cold when the temperature isn't that low. If my feet do get cold, I wear another layer of socks and/or wear thin liner socks with a plastic bag and then fleece socks.

The small thrash bag liners make good vapor barriers for your feet and add a good deal of warmth without hardly any added weight. You can wear them without thin liner socks underneath but the liner socks are more comfortable. I use thin nylon socks for liners, they will get slightly damp.


11-17-2004, 16:03
Back when we used short pads in the hammock I found cold feet were caused by nothing under them. This was field fixed by putting some gear or the pack under them. Could this lack of insulation be your problem?

Papa Razzi
11-17-2004, 22:16
Good thought, Peter Pan. That could likely be it. I've typically used either a 3/4 length pad or no pad at all in warmer temperatures. I think I'll try your suggestion of stuffing some extra clothing under my feet.