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11-17-2004, 13:29
Planning a section hike for about 6 weeks this summer and I'm trying to put a menu togather. So I need some ideas for menus. I've got plenty of ideas myself, but it seems that 5 or 6 meals would become repetative after a while. any ideas for variance?

Papa Razzi
11-17-2004, 22:42
I'm a fan of the everything-but-the-sink approach. Find a few things that work well on their own and merge them into a stew. For example, take a lipton bean and rice mix, throw in some chicken or jerky, and maybe some crackers. If you're got some leftover cheese from a lunch, cube it up and throw it in, too. Hot, filling, and tasty!

11-17-2004, 23:23
Lipton Sides rice and pasta dishes, along with some chunk white meat chicken in foil packs (usually found on the aisle with the tuna). Boil water, toss in the Lipton packet, stir, wait a short bit then dump in the chicken, eat.

Much more tasty than the standard old ramen noodles. Bear Creek Soup mixes are good too. Hot soup on a cold day is awesome.:banana

Zattaran's (sp?) also makes rice that is precooked - you only heat it up and eat. Because it is already hydrated the prep time is less, but it weighs more. You can even dump in shrimp from a foil pack (check out the tuna aisle again, there are several 'meat' options that require no refridgeration) for jambalaya. Don't forget the hot sauce!

Protein or breakfast bars make a nice no-cook breakfast, or if you prefer instant grits or oats. I like to take granola, dried fruit, and powdered milk in a ziploc bag. All that I have to do in the morning is pour in some water, zip the bag, shake, unzip and eat. Powdered milk is not so bad, and fruit and granola rock. Carnation instant breakfast and cream of wheat aren't bad either.

Tuna pouches make great no cook lunches if you are wanting to bag miles. Take some relish packs, mayo packs or buy the flavored tuna packs for some variety. Add some trail mix for dessert, or some candy, or another protein bar. Fruit roll ups and fruit leather are tasty too.

I always take some crystal light or kool aid (presweetened with nutrasweet) to drink, since I get tired of drinking just water.

11-18-2004, 00:30
Check out www.maryjanesfarm.com for some ideas on healthy, lightweight dinners, breakfasts, and snacks. More expensive than Lipton's, less expensive than Mountain House--lighter and better for you, too. Also easy to fix--just boil water!

11-18-2004, 09:59

ck out the wide variety of Mountain House entrees!

http://www.mountainhouse.com/ (http://www.mountainhouse.com)

you can pick & choose & buy by the bulk & save a few $$$$$$$.

i like MARY JANE's too....especially the compact pkging...(of course this means smaller portions too @ same price)! :D

11-18-2004, 10:43
I never get tired of this one:

One box Fantastic Foods Instant Refried Beans (www.fantasticfoods.com (http://www.fantasticfoods.com))
Four tortillas
Some cheese
Pilfered hot sauce from Taco Smell.

One box of bean mix makes enough for four large burritos (easily two meals). Per meal, all you have to do is boil one cup of water, pour it into the beans and let the whole concoction sit off the heat for 5 minutes. It can't get any easier or tastier than that.

Bon Appetite :banana -


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