View Full Version : Not to early to commit

11-18-2004, 11:36
With my start date only four months away, I've begun in earnest to change plans into action. I reserved a room with the Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega (www.hikerhostel.com) and bought Amtrak tickets from Boston to Gaineville. (Someone here said that bunks often are not reserved, but my experience on the east coast is that the opposite is true, especially in the NY-Washington corridor, so I made sure I got mine.)

Yesterday I received a package from ATC with complete set of guidebooks and maps (their thruhiker special). And my Henry Shires tarptent should arrive on Nov 24.

Once the 2005 Hikers Companion and 2005 Data book come out, I will prepare a rough resupply schedule. Then I'll start buying food and preparing mail drop boxes.

11-18-2004, 16:22
you gotta make reservations for stuff now? eh, I'll just sleep on their porch if needs be. the ground is no harder than a shelter, anyway.

Does anyone really use the Companion extensively? The maps were nice, but they were in the Data Book, too.

yeah, once I decided to try again next year, I was excited and bought those last few extra things, too. Then I got it all and realized that I've got so much more time before I can hike yet. oh man I wish I would have spread some of it out. Now I've got nothing left to do but wait.