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08-15-2010, 23:02
The 20 deg quilt was a good call. Friend used my 40 deg quilt and was cold- but he had a blanket and extra clothes for the rest of the trip.

Did not need a insulating jacket - layered up with synthetic shirts in the AM if needed.
Wore liner gloves crossing Ten Mile Range above treeline. Lent rain mitts to friend. Glad I carried these. Only wore for 30 min but would have used if trip was longer.
Wore rain pants. Would have not packed if on AT in Mid Atlantic. Glad I brought them.
balaclava good call for warm hat

Did not need a windshirt. just wore Golite rain jacket if windy above treeline. Maybe would replace extra longsleeve shirt with wind shirt in future. No biggie.

More water than expected along the route. Data book water sources were well laid out and accurate. GET THE DATA BOOK!

Will be better with ETAs on next trip out West:
Should have been on the trail earlier to reach Kokomo Pass and get below treeline before 11:00. Was up at 12,000 ft ( I think going on memory here) around 12:00 Passing thunder too close. Saw lightning flash. 1 second spread.

First trip without blisters in a long time!
did a 12 and 14 mile day.
Did better than I thought I would at altitude, but would want to do no more than 9 miles to enjoy it and allow for weather delays.
Friend who lives at altitude was a tired as I was.

Bought the funny hat with ear and neck flap. Good call. Good sun pro. Kept the neck and face protected from wind as well.

Made color copies of the "guidebook" and brought the "data book"
Glad I did not cut up the guidebook.

Roughin' It
08-16-2010, 08:50
very cool.

How long were you out there? And was it your first time hiking out West?
I haven't done any hiking in the west but I would love to hike the CT, you should post some pictures.

08-16-2010, 09:18
Sounds like you did well, made good decisions to start with, yet learned a few things on the way. That's always my goal on a trip. Can't ask for anything more than that.

08-22-2010, 20:54
We planned to be out for 7 days but bailed after 3 - were too close to buddy's house and decided to do some mtn biking. I had only hiked out there once before - did the Mtn of the Goly Cross-7 yrs ago.