View Full Version : How about Sterno stoves

11-19-2004, 17:28
Thinking about the soda can stoves and considering trying it, a vision of a catering Sterno popped in my head.Has anyone tried this and how did it turn out?

11-19-2004, 19:53
I used a sterno stove on my thru hike in 72. I think there are now better ways to go. I've seen alcohol stoves used and they seem pretty good. I used the pocket rocket stove this year and that was good too. When I used the sterno stove I usually started to heat the water in the pot while I built a fire so that I could finish cooking. It didn't take long to get good at starting a camp fire.


11-19-2004, 22:16
Kembo,Did you modify the sterno when you used it? It seems to me if you put a pot on top of it the flame would be extinguished.

11-19-2004, 22:32
I use a woodburner. Sierra Zip. Much more practical. I think Alcohol would even be a better choice. But, to each his own.

SGT Rock
11-19-2004, 22:37
Sterno is alcohol mixed with calcium acetate. Just use the alcohol and skip the extra junk. Making an alcohol stove is too easy.

Mountain Dew
11-20-2004, 03:46
yeah what Rock said plus the fact that Sterno won't boil anything.

11-20-2004, 21:02
After I got rid of my stove and went with cooking over the fire if I wanted a hot meal, I found a sterno stove that some weekender left in the shelter and thought I'd use it for a while instead of cooking over the fire. It was a big mistake...it gave off the same heat as a medium size candle. Needless to say, it was almost impossible to boil water. I carried in until the next garbage and promptly put it where it belongs.