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08-17-2010, 21:56
On my return trip from the Smokies this past weekend I stopped at the huge knife store just outside of Pigeon Forge. I went in and asked for Mora knives and my george they gave me some. I was turned on to the Mora Knives my a video that Jason Klass did a few months back and I found one so I had to get it. It was even inexpensive ($11.99) so it was a no-brainer! Anyway, it is a classic knife with a fixed blade and light-weight. Seems lots of people have good things to say about these knives. (Its even said that you can pound this thing into a tree and stand on it and it won't break! Wow.)

So, I wrote a little review of it and included Jason's video which explains it much better than I. It can be viewed here:


Mountain Wildman
08-17-2010, 22:41
Your new knife looks a lot like this one:
If so, You got a good deal.

08-17-2010, 22:56
Your right, it does look alot like that one. So, what is the difference between this Frosts Mora # 2 laminated carbon steel and the Mora S 1?

Mountain Wildman
08-17-2010, 23:16
This link gives more info.
Originally sold under the name Frosts of Sweden, the S1 is the flagship model of the company now known as Mora of Sweden. The first choice of Mora aficionados, the S1 has the distinctive red Birch handle and laminated steel blade valued by outdoorsmen of all types.

Blade 4" | Overall 8" | Steel Laminated
Weight 2 oz. | Handle Birch | Sheath Plastic
The Mora S1 incorporates a simple but practical design with a unique blade containing three layers of steel. A high carbon, steel inner layer is surrounded by softer, alloyed steel layer. The inner layer has an HRC of 61, an unusually hard steel. This arrangement provides the best combination of sharpness, edge retention, toughness and long life. A full tang extends the length of the handle.

The Mora S1 is widely recognized for its dependable nature, unique construction and low cost.

Made in Mora, Sweden.

Includes a molded plastic sheath.