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Gator 65
08-19-2010, 08:40
I plan on taking a few days this fall and hike with my son ( not a seasoned hiker) the area of S. PA. in the Pine Grove Furnace area to Boiling Springs. If I can recall correctly from my thru hike last year that area wasn't too challenging and crossed some corn fieldsand some fairly level terrain. However, I do recall that the area around Boiling Springs has some restricted camping. Please advise on the following........

1- What temps. should I expect that time of year (Mid Oct.)
2 -What area of the hike will I have restricted camping?
3 -Will hunting season present a problem.

I want to make this a 2-3 day hike and make sure my son enjoys the hike without pushing too hard. Thank you in advance and all advice is welcome

08-19-2010, 08:51
IIRC, there is a 12 mile stretch that's flat as a pancake as you hike into Boiling Springs from the north. And there's a Super 8 motel you'll be able to see from the trail about 12-13 miles north of Boiling Springs. On the south side, just as you leave town, there is an established camping area that should be in the guidebooks.

I stayed at the campground in Pine Grove Furnace SP because the hostel was closed but I didn't have any problems at all finding a place to pitch a tent anywhere in PA.

08-19-2010, 09:42
1 - See if this table works (http://www.erh.noaa.gov/ctp/climate/big_normals_query.php?all=1&length=Month&station=H&month1=10-&day1=19&submit2=Table) or if not select "all", "one month," "Harrisburg", "October" and "table" from http://www.erh.noaa.gov/ctp/climate/normals.php

2- No camping from Center Point Knob (White Rocks Ridge trail junction) north to the Tuscarora/Darlington trail junction, except at the Sunday Farm campsite which is next to the active rail tracks and a little bit off trail ("east" side of trail) south of Boiling Springs. The porta-potty might or might not be there in mid-October, and there is no water on the site. You can get water from a tap in the back of the ATC office, i.e. about a half mile walk into town then a half mile back out.

3 - The State Forest areas north of Pine Grove Furnace to PA 34 are actively hunted but most are aware of the Appalachian Trail passing through. From PA 34 roughly, north to Boiling Springs is NPS land with no legal hunting but some do ignore that.

We in the SATC recommend wearing an orange hat and pack cover and avoiding red, white, and blue in your wardrobe.

Mid Oct is not the late November/early December deer season when the woods are uncomfortably noisy for two weeks. It's a nice time to hike. Leaves will be starting to turn but probably won't be down until beginning of November.

08-19-2010, 10:48
Mid October is the beginning of small game and turkey season, archery deer hunting is still in and the 3rd or 4th week is blackpowder and youth deer hunting. Archery deer season begins the 1st weekend in October so any time after that orange should be worn.

5 or so years ago I was archery hunting Game Land 170 (Cove Mtn), several times that morning i thought i could hear voices from the same general area, couldnt figure out why other hunters would be talking that loud. After a few hours i decided to call it a day. Went home and was looking at my map and realized I had only been a couple hundred yards off the AT, mustve been hearing hikers.

Gator 65
08-21-2010, 07:58
Thank you, I appreciate all of the info. I cannot wait to see the new AT Museum and have my own "ice cream challenge" at the Park.