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Blue Jay
08-19-2010, 16:55
I would like to thank and celebrate the various religious organizations who provide shelter and in many cases food and other valuable service to hikers along the AT. Some of the more well known are in Damascus VA, Vernon NJ, Delaware Water Gap and Rutland VT. There are many others. I won't go into the actual names because there are many who have a problem with various aspects of religion, including me. I do however find it hard to believe a hiker would publicly bad mouth one that helps hikers. There are others who no longer take in hikers due to hiker behavior, Manchester VT comes to mind. Anyway my point is we should all be very grateful religious people along the trail are willing to help, often in any way they can, be it rides or shelter or whatever. They are truly living their beliefs to our benafit.

Jack Tarlin
08-19-2010, 17:02
I agree with everything Blue Jay said except the last sentence of his post.

We should indeed be grateful to the various houses of worship and religious communities that take in hikers, but it is perfectly OK to discuss these places, and it is certainly OK, within the bounds of reason and civility, to discuss their possible motives in providing services to hikers.

A service provider should not be exempt or absolved from discussion or possible criticism merely because they represent a particular church or religious institution.

"Thanking and celebrating" these places is fine for those that wish to do so, but it does not mean that these places are beyond reproach, criticism, or public comment.

08-19-2010, 20:28
I thought this was a thread about Lester Kenway: http://www.trailservices.com/ - he certainly deserves our thanks as well.

Blue Jay
08-20-2010, 09:45
I thought this was a thread about Lester Kenway: http://www.trailservices.com/ - he certainly deserves our thanks as well.

It was unintentional, however you are completely correct.

Bare Bear
08-23-2010, 11:45
I have always appreciated all of them although as Jack pointed out there should be room to comment. I have helped put on Trail Magic/Hiker Feeds that got sorely bashed by some; no problem. I have also stopped at a very few places where the religious source was obvious but I never felt it forced on me either.
I have always felt that my time spent at Kincora was the best. Yeah Bob Peoples!

08-23-2010, 13:18
As an Atheist I have provided service to my fellow hikers in the form of trail work and sharing food (especially with thru hikers) and water or whatever else I could do. I would never turn down assistance solely based on the religious beliefs of those providing it. I hope those I help don't think I am trying to get them to renounce their religion. I think that to bad mouth a group because of their beliefs is wrong. If they also want to share their beliefs while assisting hikers, it may be nice to know ahead of time how hard they push it. BUT I would not bad mouth them. Hopefully others will learn to keep their distance or at least be respectful of those who try to help.