View Full Version : Traverse Mt Carrigain to Hancock??

08-19-2010, 17:29
Has anyone attempted to traverse Mt Carrigain to Hancocks or vice versa (possibly stopping at The Captain in between) and could provide details on course or suggested routes?

08-20-2010, 14:40
I don't know if you'll get many answers here since that part of the Pemi is not near the AT. I imagine it would be a tough hike and you might be on the wrong side of the Hancocks and have to bushwhack up or hike around the mountains to the trail. I'm not sure since I don't have my maps in front of me right now. Probably the best place to ask that question is the VIEWS FROM THE TOP forum ( www.vftt.com). There are many knowledgable and experienced White Mtn. Hikers on that website and you will definately get a good answer to you question.

08-20-2010, 22:37
I wish I could. I did those two mountains on two separate trips. Looks like a long loop from Sawyer River Rd. to Carrigan via the Signal Ridge Trai. (route I took), then the Desolation Trail to Stillwater Junction, heading west on the Wilderness Trail to Cedar Brook Trail which you take south to the Hancocks (via the Hancock Loop Trail) to the Hancock Notch trail (heading east and back to the Sawyer River Rd. Unless there's a new map since 1998, I think that the Captain would be a bushwhack.