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Fat Man Walking
08-19-2010, 21:01
OK, I am still reeling from my two week section hike I started TWO months ago where I thru hiked Pennsylvania. South Pennsylvania (that part of PA Trail South of the 501 Shelter) was wonderful and an opportunity to really make miles. And, North PA (See above definition and obviously Trail North of the 501 Shelter) was some of the most difficult hiking on mostly level terrain I have ever encountered. But, I digress.

Anyway, I am already planning next summer's section hike where I will tackle NJ & NY. I have heard this section referred to as the "Deli Run" where there are supposedly small groceries and Deli's in close proximity to the trail where it crosses highway, roads, etc.

So, my question is: For those of you local to this area, what are your favorites that are no farther than say a mile to mile & half from the trail crossing? What are the ones that would be a waste of time?

I am thinking that I can significantly reduce food weight if there are enough of them, etc.

Any way, I'll hang up now and listen. Thanks

Peace and Happy Hiking.

08-19-2010, 22:48
I'm not a local, but I really enjoyed that "deli-a-day" hike. One of my favorite days in NY was the Bellvale Creamery at lunch and a great Italian place at West Mombasha Road at dinner. The Creamery is a few tenths west (went the wrong way at first), and the Italian place is nearly two miles west, but well worth it. It was just opening up in 2008 and wasn't in the guidebook--I hope it's still there.

le loupe
08-19-2010, 23:13
There is one just up the road from the Appalachian Trail train stop. The menu had a bunch of sandwiches named for the "cast" of Jersey Shore. I recommend the "Pauly D" and that you skip the minimart in Bulls Bridge.

08-20-2010, 00:16
I probably visited all the NY/NJ delis that I was aware of within a half mile or so of the AT. I thought all were good. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to get ice cream.

The only place I can remember that I wouldn't reccomend going to was a deli near Culvers Gap. After myself and two other hikers spent ~$20 each on food there, the owner refused our request to fill our water bottles. He told us if we needed water, we could purchase the bottled water he had for sale. Considering it was a 95 degree day, I thought that was lame. However, the tavern down the road was nice enough to fill our water bottles. I would reccomend going there.