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Wise Old Owl
08-22-2010, 14:13
Has anyone wanted to toast bread in the morning? Ie Bagel or English Muffin?:cool:

kayak karl
08-22-2010, 14:41
this is how i do it:
set up stove and cone
pure in olive oil and heat
then set bagel in cut side down.
when done take out
put pieces of spam in oil.
peanut butter on bagel
put 8 oz water in pot and cover
eat bagel
when boil put in instant grits
heat for a bit longer and stir
take off heat add egg if ya got them. season. cover and wait.
take down hammock and pack up.

it started with toast LOL and when done right, can be done to music:banana

Wise Old Owl
08-22-2010, 15:39
KK thats a great post - but I was thinking more of a thin steel sheet (a little larger than the bread) to lay down on the pot stand and it would have two c shaped wires for the rack. This would convert the direct heat to radient heat. Cant use aluminum as it would melt and would not spread the heat enough, something less than two oz.

08-22-2010, 15:56
I gave a toast with champagne at my friends' wedding recently. Being the best man, it was expected.

I ended with 'L'Chaim' in honor of her heritage and "Cent' anni" for the heritage the groom and I share in common.

(To Life in Hebrew, roughly: May it last 100 yrs in Italian)

Perhaps you meant a different type of alcohol toast?


Wise Old Owl
08-22-2010, 17:26
Uhhh Yea an "Alcohol Stove driven Toaster."...Mags can you change the thread label to reflect that?

08-22-2010, 19:26
This was covered earlier in the year: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?t=57335

It doesn't look like anything in the 2 oz range is feasible. A little thermal mass is needed for the even radiation required for toasting. The fuel requirements for an alcohol stove will add up, too. In my bike touring days, I carried a gas stove and a 6 oz Coghlan's toaster, and that was nice (in calm weather), but too heavy now for backpacking.

Wise Old Owl
08-28-2010, 23:16
Thanks for the thread - but this needs some work.

08-29-2010, 11:31
There is a kind of bread made by sticking dough on the inside of a super hot pottery oven with a fire in it, middle east, I can't remember the name of it.

Perhaps something simmilar could be done with a caldera cone by leaning a pita or tortilla on the outside of the caldera cone, perhaps a piece of foil over the bread would serve to keep the heat in. I don't have one so someone who does will have to give it a try.

08-29-2010, 14:02
I didn't read the above posts. I just wanted to chime in that I don't even let alcohol vapors in my cookpot with my noodles unless I have to stir them. There is a poison added to denatured alcohol (the most widely used in Al stoves) that is designed to keep people with alcohol control issues from drinking it. I would never think of toasting bread over an alcohol flame unless it was pure grain (and that's expensive). Make a little stainless steel mesh pyramid and put it over a small wood fire after it stops smoking so much and lay bread on it. Easier still, take a couple of stainless skewers about 16" long and lay them parallel on a pair of rocks over a fire. You can also use them for skewering sausages and marshmallows (not my thing - the marshmallows). :)

Wise Old Owl
09-02-2010, 23:09
Further shocking reading Tinker


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