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08-23-2010, 13:00
I bought a Komperdell Trekking Pole w/ a camera mount. Iíve wanted one of those poles with the cap that screws off exposing a mount for the camera. This was a closeout item at REI with an additional 20% off. I also use a stick pic, but now I have another option. I will likely use this pole on day hikes and such. I plan to purchase a nice set of poles down the road for multi-day use. I bought a pair of cheap poles in Gatlinburg in 10/2009, which one broke on the AT and the other has since crapped out as well. That was a $30 investment, so not too much of a waste, but that could have been $30 towards some quality poles, I know. I saw that REI poles are actually made by Komperdell. Is this true for all REI poles?

Anyway, this is what I bought: http://www.rei.com/product/805446 (http://www.rei.com/product/805446)

It seems well made and since I purchased it from REI, if it craps out, then REI has the reputation for their customer service.

So, whatís everyones experience with Komperdell and/or this specific pole?



08-23-2010, 13:10
I have been thinking about one of these but have some issues with them. the biggest being the need to continually screw the camera on to the mount. I am wondering if a ball head mount to be attached to the pole which would allow for quick attachment of the camera?

Can you post a followup once you have used it a few times?

Feral Bill
08-23-2010, 13:25
I have the REI version of this pole. It seems to work very well for walking and tarp support. I have not had occasion to mount a camera yet.

09-18-2010, 11:27
I've got a pair of REI Komperdell poles that I've used on a couple of week long hikes as well as numerous day hikes. They've held up well and are still going strong and I have the REI lifetime guarantee to fall back on. Highly recommended!


09-18-2010, 13:10
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12-19-2010, 20:48
I have used this trekking pole a few times on some day hikes and with practicing setting up a Tyvek tarp shelter. At first, while walking with it, I set-up the length that I needed. I pushed down on the pole to get a feel of how much weight and pressure I could put on it. In doing so, the sections of the pole started to collapse by sliding back into itself. I thought this was a problem at first. I had originally snugged the poles tight when I set them up, but apparently, I did not get them tight enough. After tightening the poles with more force (by hand), then they seem to not collapse when putting weight on it.

Using this pole for tarp work is like any other, it makes a good tarp pole for staking out.

I have an overnighter coming up on relatively flat terrain and plan to only take one pole and this pole will be the one I take. I will follow-up on how the this pole does with a post-trip report follow-up.


Odd Man Out
12-19-2010, 22:26
I bought a Komperdell Trekking Pole w/ a camera mount...

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is the purpose of a camera mount on a trekking pole? I can see the use of a tripod, but a single pole won't stand up on its own.:confused:

12-19-2010, 22:38
Forgot to mention that part. It has a threaded shaft that the cap of the pole screws into, unsrcrew it and one can mount their camera. The only real purpose I can tell is for stability for scenic shots. Perhaps, low light shots where the shutter speed is longer. Its use for self portriats is not very good when compared to the Stick-Pic. This pole can be used for self-pics, but just not versatility as the Stick-Pic.