View Full Version : Mel Cotton's 20% off gear sale

Many Walks
08-27-2010, 20:17
Just an FYI, they have several Western Mountaineering and other sleeping bags, tents, etc. on sale at 20% off for their End of Summer Clearance Sale that runs 8/26/10-9/1/10. They are located in San Jose, CA where WM is located. We have bought a few WM bags from them and had another repaired that was damaged on the trail, always with great service. Seems like there may be some decent pricing there. http://www.melcottons.com/

Many Walks
08-27-2010, 22:07
I should have added, the detail is on their facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/melcottons?ref=sgm Push the buttons on the bottom of the ad for the category your want.