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squirrel bait
11-23-2004, 12:58
Due to the holidays and an expectation of leftover turkey can I dry it in my oven? I looked around first here and couldn't really find anything on turkey. Does it keep as well as groundbeef? Doesn't dry well? Tastes awful? Can I freeze after drying? Do I want/need to?

11-23-2004, 13:08
Been there ...done that ...and man is it good !!

I've done it with both turkey that I bought from the deli and fresh baked turkey on thanksgiving. The trick is to slice it ultra thin. I douse it in seasoned salt and then just lay it on the dehydrator rack for a couple hours or until all the moisture is out of the meat. "Turkey Jerky" is one of the best things going for a hiker. Lightweight, loaded with protein and tasty. I also made up some StoveTop stuffing mix (poultry seasoned) and added bits of my turkey jerky. It reconstitutes well and adds a nice touch to a warm dinner or lunch along the trail.

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