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08-28-2010, 13:37
Quick question. I was doing a flip-flip (started Harper's) NOBO and had to get off in Great Barrington due to my wife's knee injury. I have a shot to get back on about 9/10. I would of course start at the North end and make it back to Great Barrington. Do I have time to make it before the snow hits in the Whites/Maine/etc?

Also if I try to flip south after this how late is too late to do the Smokies? Is there any other areas I should be concerned about snow?

Am I dreaming? Should I just give up this year and try again later?

I should only be able to do 15-20 miles max (I realize this will drop in the whites) for the first month or so (as I have be off since late July). Thanks in advance for the advice

08-28-2010, 17:00
You'll probably hit snow at elevations + 3000ish. I've been out in it in august and received snow in maine and I've had it snow on me in the whites in september, be prepared. snow, low temps, ice, rain pretty much the whole bag a ...............great hiking conditions. Having said that it could be 80 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. September also bring in the fall rains and hurricanes.
This is new England after all. Also wear some blaze orange it's hunting season here that time of year.

08-28-2010, 17:09
Desert Nomad,

You should be able to make it to Gorham, no problem. You may possibly encounter limited snow or ice in Me but nothing too serious.

You Might make it through the Whites before winter hits, but you might not. This is a very touchy time of year in the White Mountains. First consider how long it will take you to get through Maine. took me a month. I'd count on at last three to as much as four weeks. This puts you in the Whites in in mid October. many years snow hits by or before Columbus day but some years it doesn't.

Expect mileage in Mahoosics and Whites to be closer to 10 MPD.


08-28-2010, 19:16
Better to go and try than to stay at home and watch the weather channel give beautiful reports and think "Expletive! I should have hiked!" :)

08-28-2010, 19:39
One never can know for sure. But the last deadly September storm in Maine in my memory occurred 50 or more years ago in Baxter Park. With increasing climate change, serious snow is very unlikely until November.

Rain, slush and cold yes. But no deep snow drifts that a reasonably prepared hiker couldn't surmount. Just don't go ultra light -- prepared only for the worst that July could dish out.


08-28-2010, 20:43
Thanks all for the info. Anyone have insight into the southern part of the trail as well? If I make it to GB and flip would it be better to go to GA or back to HF? The dramatic finish doesn't matter to me so much. I'm more interested in where/if I can get through areas before the snow flies or if it's worth postponing it for another time. Thanks again for your help.