View Full Version : flying with your stove

08-30-2010, 13:13
FYI: I just flew out to Montana and back and TSA was okay with my jetboil in my checked luggage (w/o fuel of course). I only post this since some sources say you cant take stoves on planes.

08-30-2010, 13:28
Thanks for this. I'm taking my first flight with gear one month from today. My understanding is that liquid fuel stoves vs. cartridge stoves are the concern.

08-30-2010, 13:58
Have flown with liquid fuel stove and empty, open fuel can and with stove only portion of canister stove combo. Always got by TSA albeit with calling card from TSA inside of my checked airporter outer bag. So I know they looked / scanned. BONUS: this year made it through TSA with a 8oz can of Easy Cheese courtesy of older TSA guy who found it in my carry on but decided since I looked grungy enough that my back packing story was legit.