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11-25-2004, 14:28
Iím sure this has been covered somewhere here, but doing a search I could not find anything.

There seems to be a host of rain flys out there for hammocks. I have the 9 ft HH that the rain fly just barely covers. While on the AT trail, I call Hennessy and got the

70D"HEX"-SHAPED PU-COATED POLYESTER RIPSTOP RAIN FLY144"x 120" (12 feet x 10 feet) hexagonal shape Weight: 1 lb. 90z , $59.00

Of course it more then covers the hammock. However, itís heavy. Now that Iím off the trail, Iíve looked at the Hennessy

30D"HEX"-SHAPED SILNYLON RIPSTOP RAIN FLYSize: 144" x 132" hexagonal shape Weight: 1 lb. $129.00

Iíve also looked at Jacksrbetter
8'x8' Square SilNyl Tarp $60.00
http://www.jacksrbetter.com/index_files/Products%20List_files/8x8%20SilNyl%20Tarp.htm (http://www.jacksrbetter.com/index_files/Products%20List_files/8x8%20SilNyl%20Tarp.htm)

The MacCat Tarp - $95.00 to $115.00
http://www.outdoorequipmentsupplier.com/maccattarps.htm (http://www.outdoorequipmentsupplier.com/maccattarps.htm)

Mountain Laurel Designs
Hammock Tarp ē $140 ē 8 X 7.5 X 8 X 7.5' ē 12.5 oz ē Tie-outs 20 outside / 6 in
http://www.mountainlaureldesigns.com/tarps.html#SpecialSuperUtlralightTarps (http://www.mountainlaureldesigns.com/tarps.html#SpecialSuperUtlralightTarps)

MacCat Tarps from Owareusa

Of course each has the usual pros and cons. Some are lighter, more tie outs, stronger material, and costs less, covers more and on and on. I would love to hear if anyone has any thing good or bad about the above flys and tarps. Or if you have another one you would like to recommend. I want a fly/tarp that will last for years and hold out in a storm.

11-25-2004, 20:47

I'm interested to see what others say. I too am interested to know if there are improvements to me made to my system(s). I have both a Hennessy and Speer hammock and both tarps. The Hennessy you are already familiar with. The Speer is a flat tarp (I think 8 x 10). I like it for the greater protection and larger covered area. Since it is not on the ridgeline with the hammock, it can be rigged as a stand-up shelter. Often I use this tarp with my HH also (instead of the HH standard tarp). The main problem that I find that is common to both of these is flapping! This is annoying at best. It is my understanding that the various Cat tarps greatly reduce the flapping problem, but that Cat tarps do not allow as great a flexibility in pitching. I have never tried a Cat tarp, however, and would love to do so.


11-25-2004, 22:21
Glee, Tripp, etal,

The JRB 8x8 has a diagonal ridge seam, When properly pitched it approximates a cat ridge of a two inch drop thus with minimal flapping. Yet it retains all the flexibilty of a true square for other uses. We are currently using a double silicone impregnated nylon, very nice, weight is 10.2 oz.

12-19-2004, 02:56
i now use a jack are better 8x8 tarp i am very happy with it,its a great tarp
very excellent workmanship,double impregnated silicone,plus its only 60.00
bucks,i highly recommend it:sun neo:jump

01-07-2005, 13:40
I use the Kelty Noah's Tarp (http://www.rei.com/product/5912.htm?). It's a bit heavy at 1lb 7oz but it's relatively cheap at $50 and it provides great coverage.

01-25-2005, 17:58
Everyone here seems to be using tarps, has anyone thought of using a weatherproof bivy sack instead.

Just an idea...

SGT Rock
01-25-2005, 17:59
I've tried both. I would take a tarp just about any day over a bivy.

01-25-2005, 18:11
There seems to be a host of rain flys out there for hammocks. I have the 9 ft HH that the rain fly just barely covers. =====================================
I have the same fly and am very interested in alternatives. When I bought my HH it was the only one available. It's super light but, as you said, barely covers the hammock. Add some wind and rain at night and it's a challenge to keep everything dry.

AT 2003

01-25-2005, 18:14
[QUOTE=theurbansuburban]Everyone here seems to be using tarps, has anyone thought of using a weatherproof bivy sack instead.
I tried a variation on that theme during my thru-hike in 2003. I used the Go-Lite Cave I and the bug bivy from OR. For me it was the best of both worlds. I had the tarp for overhead protection and the bug bivy to keep the creepy crawlies out of my sleeping bag. On warm clear nights I could use the bug bivy by itself and on rainy nights when the bugs weren't around I could use the tarp by itself.

AT 2003

SGT Rock
01-25-2005, 18:15
I like Footsloggers combination.

01-26-2005, 09:28
I carry my HH and its tarp; I also carry my old bivy's tarp for my equipment.
I was thinking of getting another light weight one-piece bivy instead. To use the bivy on wet trips under my HH to put equipment into and not get ground saturation. But that would be for real wet weather trips.