View Full Version : im looking for a fun and dedicated person to thru hike with in 2011

09-06-2010, 01:25
first let me introduce myself. my name is jesse, my trail name is northern storm, but you could just call me storm out in the backcountry. i am a 29 years young man and am originally from maryland. i currently live in new york with my wife of 9 years. cold spring to be exact. (its only 5 minutes from the A.T.:) i am a pro musician (guitarist) but i have since went on a serious hiatus to do 2 things. A.) gain my master certificate in music theory, recording, ear training, harmony, etc... and B.) thru-hike this wondrous beast once and for all.
i have attempted a thru hike once before when i was 17. i made it all the way to boiling springs PA before i flunked out due to monetary issues. i have decided that it is time. i am now financially secure and have nothing standing in my way. my friends and family are really rooting for me to achieve this dream.
during my first thru hike attempt, as well as all my other section hikes, (which is alot) there was one thing missing. i really wish i could have someone or a team perhaps who would be willing to endure it together. i watch videos online of others and their friends having fun and i just really want to have the same feeling. dont get me wrong, hiking alone was still awesome. i just feel partnership will pour the mortar for the road ahead.
my plan is simple. i want to leave march 5th however i am flexible as long as we would make it to trail days. i dont really have a set goal in mind as to when i would like to complete it other than the obvious reasons (i.e. baxter state park closes on the 15th of october.) im still in the early stages of planning however i already have all my gear and my drops will be ready by january. i still am not sure on where i want my drops to be yet. last attempt was a real disaster in that field. (dont know where i went wrong.) so if you can help me make it a bit easier, that would be great. hiking 13 miles for a drop is ridiculous.
anyway i dont want to extend this any further than i need to. if anyone out there is on board, lets chat here, anywhere, phone perhaps and start planning to meet up here in NY if you're from here or amicalola (springer mt.) if you would like to chat, i will PM you my contact info.
thanks for reading and i really hope to meet up with the perfect team.

Northern Storm:D