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11-17-2002, 09:56
These two towns have wonderful outfitters...Chuck at Rockfish Gap Outfitters Replaced an expander for one of my Liki poles that I lost in transit to the trail...No Charge...In Front Royal, Brandon owner of Weasel Creek Outfitters is a super guy too...Just opened and is really trying hard to assist AT hikers...Shuttles, fuel, food, sofas to relax in, washrooms and even an AT register....Both of these guys are AT friendly...Try 'em out...

11-17-2002, 10:48
I'll second the comment on Chuck at Rockfish Gap Outfitters. I tried to replace my boots in Waynesboro. Chuck had the pair I wanted but only in a Gortex model. In mid-summer there was NO way I wanted to be wearing a Gortex boot. He said he could get me the pair I wanted but it would take about 4 days to come in. Couldn't sit around in Waynesboro that long (although I would of loved to hit the AYCE chinese place EVERYDAY!!!). I told Chuck thanks but I would order the boots and have them delivered to Harper's Ferry. My only concern was my feet had changed size so much that I wasn't 100% sure what size to buy. No problem.. Chuck measured my feet, allowed me to try on 3 or 4 pairs of the type of boots I wanted, and even gave me some good advice on the boots. All of this when he KNEW I wasn't going to buy my boots from him. I was so impressed I bought other stuff from him that I probably really didn't need. Just couldn't stand not spending some money here with him being so nice. Great folks.

11-19-2002, 17:31
Well just to give an opposite side of the story...I was really disappointed with the service at Rockfish Gap. Maybe it's becuase we got into town on a Saturday, but I was looking for replacements for my Lowa Renegades, so I called ahead to verify that they sold them, and when I got to the store the guys said "no, we don't sell those" and proceeded to try to talk me into low-cut sneaker-boots and trail runners, after I spent at least 10-15 minutes explaining to the guy the type of boot I was looking for. I was so frustrated with the service that we spent an extra zero day, rented a car, and drove to the mall 30 minutes away so I could get what I specified. Wyanesboro, otherwise, was terrific...freindly library & PO, good Comfort Inn, Good Kroger, and the nearby town had a movie theater playing Star Wars II on the opening night..........

11-20-2002, 08:21
I was very disappointed with Rockfish Gap, but very glad that Waynesboro was close at hand.

Let me explain. Based on Wingfoot, I had assumed that there were the full range of services in Rockfish Gap, namely, a reasonable place to eat, and a reasonable place to sleep. Plus, the Inn would hold mail drops.

When I got there, the Howard Johnson's looked long closed. The old motel was boarded up. The only inn with restraurant that was open was too upscale for my taste (hardly anyone there however), and they didn't have my maildrop. Because I was ahead of schedule, I assumed that it may have been still in the mail, so I asked them to forward it home when it did arrive. 6 months later, and I still haven't seen it.

So, plan B, into Waynesboro. The good people in Waynesboro have a list of people offering free shuttles that are a phone call away. So, I got to the outfitter, replaced my boots, and then went into town. The outfitter didn't have exactly the brand I was looking for, but had comparable boots. So, it worked out OK. Did all my town duties, spent the night across from the Y, and got a ride back to the trailhead in morning. Had I known about the shuttle service beforehand, I wouldn't have bothered with a maildrop here, except to pick up maps. No problem with the people in Waynesboro, and if any of them are reading this, thank you all again for the shuttles. Much appreciated.

Team GAK
01-15-2003, 09:14
What made Waynesboro great was its people. We got to the welcome center, next to the "closed" ho-jo's early (10ish) and they gave us a list of shuttlers. We got a ride to the PO and then to the Comfort Inn. We had plenty of time for food, laundry, haircuts, etc. We took another shuttle back the trail the next day.

01-15-2003, 11:04
Anyone know where the outfitter in Front Royal is located at?

01-15-2003, 20:02
The outfitter in Front Royal is near the laundromat, in the same shopping plaza as the Martin's food store and Better Thymes health food store.

02-01-2003, 23:22
I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this. But I am attempting to plan my stops and resupply points. I was wondering about AFTER hitting Waynesboro and befor I hit Front Royal. I have reas that I need minimal supplies leaving Waynesboro and that I can pick up what I need along the way at the various camp stores in the park. Is this true, what did you all do?

Thanks Sparky!


02-03-2003, 10:16
The section between Rockfish Gap and Front Royal is along the ridge, with no big climbs or descents. It's fairly well graded. So, it's easy to make better than average mileage.

In Shenandoah National Park, there are several "waysides" where you can buy food if you so desire. The details are given in the ALDHA Companion and "Wingfoot." These "waysides" or camp stores are not full stocked grocery stores however, and because of their location, they are priced accordingly.

My advice would be to supplement your food supplies at the waysides.

02-03-2003, 19:56
There is a town between Waynesboro and Front Royal but for the life of me cannot remember the name...I think it's in the companion and about 7 miles off the trail??? But I left Waynesboro with 4 days of food and didn't run out, cause I hit up some waysides (damn expensive). Shenandoah was a dissappointment for me and was glad about the easy terrain, you can blow through it if you want.

02-04-2003, 08:49
If you are familiar with the area, the best parts of Shenandoah National Park are off the ridge where the AT goes.

I have done many loop hikes, going down one blue blazed side trail, into the valleys, and then up another side trail. It's like taking the local roads rather than speeding along on the interstate.

05-03-2003, 00:39
Thanks, some good information 4 me. My daughter and I will be thrown from the car on 522 @ AT, N of Shenandoah. We will head S on AT and hang our hammocks every 13 to 36 miles. We may be picked up somewhere around RockFish Gap 7 daze later. I hope 2 have a sort of free day 4 one of the Side Trails, probably around Big Meadows. Would anyone like2recomend a side trail? Also (2) am I 4getting anything? What is something that first time hikers usually don't think of? I have been hike ing 7 to 10 miles every day with pack for almost 3 weeks. I am eating like a horse and looseing weight. I also sleep very well. I think you are on 2 something with this hike ing. And another thing. I finnaly got my daughter out on the Buckeye trail, with 25# pack for the best 10 miles of hills I know. She kicked my butt. With 2 miles 2 go I said "I think you should sit down and watch my pack, while I run back and get the car". She laughed at me and tookoff running with her pack on. She was back to the car 10 minutes B4 me. I think she will be pulling me along on our one week adventure.

Your Friend


10-22-2003, 10:25
The town "stranger" was looking for between Waynesboro and Front Royal is Luray. Exit the Trail at Thornton Gap and follow US211 West. We have all hiker services EXCEPT a backpacker-knowledgeable outfitter. Luray is not as popular a stop for thru-hikers as Waynesboro, Front Royal, Harpers Ferry, etc. but we get a lot of hikers each year. An easy hitch in usually, but not as easy hitching out; however there are shuttle options and a local cab company...just check in at the Visitor Center on Main Street.