View Full Version : golite sale on the clymb

mister krabs
09-08-2010, 13:42
the clymb is having a golite sale, they've got peak backpacks for 70$ and quilts for 150$. Other stuff too that's pretty good on pricing, adrenaline sleeping bags, lightspeeds, vo24's, some clothes and jackets. It's worth a look.

You have to "join" to buy something, or even to look (which is lame) but it doesn't cost anything. They've had some nice stuff from major manufacturers since I joined.
If you use this link, (http://www.theclymb.com/invite-from/TomCostin) to join I get a spif, and I'd appreciate ya.

09-08-2010, 17:36
:o Thanks for the heads up! You'll be getting $10 when my quilt ships.