View Full Version : Deuter Futra 50+10 Pack

09-08-2010, 23:24
does anyone own this pack. i tried it on and it fits great!!. love the mesh backing!. i guess my question is, should i buy this or spend the money for a ULA. i have no way to try on a ULA. i am planning a walk of shenandoah in nov or dec and need a pack that will hold up. i have never tried Deuter before. any advise would be appreciated immensely ! jim.

09-08-2010, 23:30
i guess the choice should be based a bit more on your gear and backpacking style. i owned a deuter futura pro 42+10. one of the most comfortable packs i've ever had on. i tried the frameless thing, i have super ultra light gear, i have packed it correctly using a sleeping pad as a frame sheet and such. i just have a preference for the mesh back panel because it cools the back better. both pack however are very comfortable, you CANNOT go wrong with ULA, they stand by their products and they work with you throughout the purchasing process.

good luck either way!!

09-08-2010, 23:40
tnx for reply srestrepo. that what i loved abt the pack, the mesh felt great!. i am in abt the 30ish weight with food.

09-09-2010, 07:34
The mesh backing is awesome, hiked with one this year for a day hike to try one out (friends), I'm thinking of one myself.