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11-28-2004, 20:27
I did a section hike on the AT in NJ and when I was reading about the area there was a mention of a Prehistoric Rock Shelter near Crater Lake. Just south of Crater Lake is a rock scramble, I think the rock shelter is in that area. It is called the Harding Lake Rock Shelter and it was excavated in the 1940's. However that is all the info I can find. If anyone knows more, or can point me in the right direction please let me know. Thanks.

11-29-2004, 00:21
My buddy Squirts, is a anthropology major and was really excited to see this when we reached Jersey. He spent the better part of an hour looking for it and never found it. It's supposed to be right near Blue Lakes Rd I believe

11-29-2004, 13:55
Nails, have tried to contact the local trail maintainers for that area, I found while doing some volunteer work with the Nanatahala group that usually someone in the local club will know the answer to your question.

You find out what club maintains that area by going to www.aldha.org (http://www.aldha.org) and reviewing the online companion or www.appalachiantrail.org (http://www.appalachiantrail.org) and following the prompts to finding local clubs, it will give a link to the local club, once there you can click on theire contact info.

11-29-2004, 14:20
I had been to this area a number of times - I spent about 15 minutes the first time and and about hour another time trying to find this shelter, (back when I lived near the area) and I could never find anything more than the slight overhand right off the trail.

The spot is approximately 1.6 miles in from Blue Mtn Lakes Road and 1/2 mile from Crater Lake Parking area. (I think some maps mark BML Road as Flatbrookville Road)

If you are coming from BML Rd, it is just after you cross the gravel road (you can either follow the AT up the escarpment or turn left on the gravel road and follow it in a loop for 5 minutes.

If you park at Crater Lake, you can follow the footpath on the SE Side of the lake and it opens up to the roadway - Follow it .45 miles to the AT Crossing. Alternatively, you could cross the barrier and follow the road NW up the steep hill (With the lake on your Right) until the intersection with the AT and then turn left and follow the AT (or the road as it loops around) this route is .75 miles.

Whatever you do, it is a beautiful wild area now. Esepecially in the spring when you see flowers blooming along the old house foundations.

11-29-2004, 20:25
I don't know where this shelter is, I only visited Crater Lake once. I was thinking that if you contacted Dave at the Mohican Outdoor Center, he may be able to help. He used to be a ridge runner in NJ and PA and is familiar with the area. Crater Lake is only around 8 or 10 miles from MOC.

There is a cave that can be a shelter on the trail in Deleware Water Gap, PA, real close to the trail head. I'm guessing you know about that one though.

11-30-2004, 17:54
Thank you all for your responses. I did contact one person I know that maintains the Brink Road shelter, he goes by the name The Desperado. He is unaware of the location of this shelter. I will reach out to the MOC and check the NY/NJ Trail Conference for the trail maintainer.

I am not an anthropologist, just a beginner hiker. I am a history major and very stubborn, so I really want to learn about the shelter. Particularly since I apparently passed right by it and didn't know.

Once again, my thanks to all.

General Fireball
08-17-2005, 15:58
This rockshelter is almost literally on the AT--it is a tall, rocky overhang just a few feet from the trail, near where the trail ascends a rocky scramble. Nothing spectacular, no "cave" as such--just enough of an overhang to give the Native Americans that used it some protection from the rain.

It was entirely excavated by an amateur archaeologist in the 1940s, so there's likely nothing left to "find"there (not to mention that it's illegal).

10-03-2005, 11:12
Thanks Fireball. I passed through this area again in June 2005 and I didn't notice anything that I would have considered a rock shelter. I just wanted to see what the shelter looked like. Maybe I'll try again next summer and spend a little more time.