View Full Version : October weather in southern NC?

09-12-2010, 01:59
I've got a few days strung together in October that I may use to get back out on the trail. Thinking about leaving Dick's Creek Gap and heading north to Franklin, N.C.

I'm guessing I'll need to pick up some cold weather gear (I'm on the coast. Cold for us is usually mid 40s in January), but I don't know how much. Any recommendations on minimum cold weather gear for that area in that time frame?

09-12-2010, 07:32
It can get into the 40,s in early October 30's later in the month. And you should always pack a little warmer stuff for fall as the weather can seem colder than it really is. Ah October is my favorite month for hiking.

09-12-2010, 15:36
October is all over the place around here...it can be in the 20's towards the end of the month and 80's daytime. Check the long range forcast before you go and plan accordingly. :)

09-12-2010, 22:28
Will the longrange forecast help me with temps above 4000 feet, though? I grew up in the foothills in NC, but I'm just now starting to do high altitude hiking there.

Gray Blazer
09-12-2010, 22:40
I usually check the forecast for Erwin,TN and subtract 10 degrees for the high summits. Try to time it after a cold front comes through so there may be dry weather for a coupla days. Bring thermal underwear, wool socks and wool cap as you can always layer up assuming you have a 30 degree bag. Windproof waterproof shell can save your life. Glove liners will come in handy. That's basic stuff. Other people will have better advice.

The Solemates
09-12-2010, 23:18
october is perfect. absolutely perfect, in the southern appalachians. be prepared for anything. we've gotten snowed on plenty of times in october.