View Full Version : Section Hike SW Virginia in NOV

09-12-2010, 13:44
Hello All,

Haven't posted in a while. Looking to do a 10 day section hike in SW Virginia in November. Any one have info on the trail condition, water or weather in that section?


Rain Man
09-12-2010, 18:16
I have hiked SW VA over the past two years. Weather can vary greatly! Sunny and warm, or bitter cold, or wet storms. Just have to check the forecast and be prepared.

Never had a problem with water, the trail, shelters, or pests.

I have plenty of pics in my WB gallery.

I hope to finish off SW VA in the next two months, so might have some updates for you.



09-12-2010, 19:45
Thanks, I will keep an eye on the weather. Anyone else have any thoughts?

09-13-2010, 07:13
wear blaze orange

09-13-2010, 10:43
i'm in the pearisburg area, presently water suppy is at a minimal, trail conditions unchanged, weather can be unpredictable and the individuals' suggestion of high visibility clothing has its' merit (nov. is deer season)... i run a shuttle service out of pearisburg...feel free to contact me anytime at 540-921-7433(RIDE) don r.

09-13-2010, 11:58
other than the section from 42 going north to Bland being drier than normal-it's georgeous.a chill at night.