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Mother Natures Son
09-13-2010, 11:49
What are the best pig out spots on the trail and what them so special?:banana

09-13-2010, 11:53
I do not have travel channel anymore. Very upset about that.

09-13-2010, 11:55
I am so going to create a link to this thread..........

09-13-2010, 12:10
The cable company took away that channel in my area. Not happy at all.

turtle fast
09-13-2010, 12:21
The Home Place Restaurant in Catawba, VA excellent food
The Chinese Buffet in Waynesbro, VA near the Kroger.

Memphis Tim
09-13-2010, 13:12
The two places on the trail that I remember having Man vs Food type challenges were the pancakes at Weasie's Diner in Waynesboro, VA and Pine Grove Furnace General Store. The hiker record is 22 of Weasie's manhole cover sized panckes. When I was there one the 4 Sisters who shall go unnamed took on the challenge. She almost finished one. Also, if you want to show off, you can up the Half Gallon challenge to a full gallon and get your picture on the wall.
I like to know if anyone will argue that best all-you-can-eat on the trail isn't The Homeplace at Catawba. That Chinese Buffet was pretty mediocre but the fact that it had everything under the sun from crab claws to pizza to jalapeno poppers made it my favorite place in the world. The fact is that when a thru-hiker hits town quanity always seems to trump quality. Even that shi**y shi**y Pizza Pro Delivery that seems to be in every town in the South seems like manna from heaven after you've been in the woods for four days.

Mother Natures Son
09-13-2010, 15:13
I didn't hear anyone say anything about the food at the store next to hostel at Pine Grove State Park, PA. The last time I was there, the lady behind the counter loaded up my plate with a huge CA burger, drink and fries for not a lot of money. I once saw a thur-hiker load up with chill dogs (6-8 of them). Yep, he ate them all at once! I never walked a way from there with out my belly being full, that is for sure!

Del Q
09-13-2010, 20:07
Sad that I might miss Catawba by a day or two, think that they are open starting on Thursdays.........looks GREAT!

09-13-2010, 21:13
Sad that I might miss Catawba by a day or two, think that they are open starting on Thursdays.........looks GREAT!

Hitchhike or do something to get back to it when it opens. Awesome fried chicken. You are correct; only open from Thur-Sunday. If it helps any, they allow hikers to camp out on the grounds.

09-14-2010, 02:15
they had a place called fattys i think that had 3 , 4, and 5 pound burger challenges but they closed down. some place called Whistle Pig there now... the names places have never cease to amaze me.. although Fattys would be a good name for an alcohol/weed pub... i can just imagine the slogan now.. Fatty's Have a DRINK with your BUDS!!