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steve hiker
11-29-2004, 13:23
Anyone planning on doing the Springer to U.S. 64/Standing Indian section in the second half of December, let me know if you want to arrange a car shuttle. I'm going SOBO from U.S. 64 to Springer.

11-30-2004, 17:17
You'll freeze your coonass off! LOL

Really, that's a really nice hike when the leaves are off. you'll have some great views. Good luck


11-30-2004, 17:51
Check out the ATC shuttle list...there are some reliable drivers on that list.

PS You're gonna freeze your coon a$$ off ! LOL

steve hiker
11-30-2004, 18:34
Check out the ATC shuttle list...there are some reliable drivers on that list.

PS You're gonna freeze your coon a$$ off ! LOL
There are plenty of pay shuttles, but I'm looking to arrange a free shuttle with another hiker. Let's say you're starting NOBO at Springer and ending at US 64 or thereabouts, we can meet at US 64, you leave your car and drive my car to Springer or vice versa. That way we each have our car waiting at the end of the hike without paying $100 + for a shuttle.

As to the weather, I love winter and cold weather. I sectioned the Smokies last winter in the snow and just got back from Glacier NP in Montana, where it snowed and got down to 8 degrees. Winter -- bring it on!

P.S. Some may not realize that coon ass is Louisiana slang for a (white) French Cajun. In some places coonass is slang for a negro, which can create a lot of confusion if you're from TN or someplace and don't know the difference.

11-30-2004, 18:58
yea ever been to bayou creek, la?..

I hear they have red-light at the x-roads there now :D

11-30-2004, 20:53
Although I'm a North Georgia native I have done time in Breaux Bridge, Jennings, New Iberia, Morgan City and in a little swampy fish camp just outside Thibodaux. I went to learn how to cook in the coonass style and was richly rewarded for my efforts. Some of the most interesting and generous people I've come across before or since.

Never much paid attention to racial overtones, just fell in love with a culturally rich and diverse section of this big ole smorgasbord we call America.

You must be from up north, as they say in the Bayou, up 'Round Shreveport or Monroe.

Hacksaw the wannabe coonass

11-30-2004, 21:22
don't ya jisst luv the tween-roast community coffee

11-30-2004, 22:30
Noooo, gimme da dark roast!

My last wife was from there. Jus 'cross Ponchetrain from Nyawlins. All her folks were around Covington. I used to eat myself stupid over there.

Anyway, you gone freeze yo A$$ off!

12-01-2004, 00:08
Anyway, you gone freeze yo A$$ off!

who gonna freeze thier a$$ of?? steve hiker in North ga or SMS in AK???

12-01-2004, 18:43
OOOOWEEEEEEE bofum gon wish dey was suckin' dem ditch lobsta down to da bayou fo issall ovandone fatrue, fatrue!

Hacksaw gumbo mmmmm m!

12-02-2004, 11:56
Hey, Steve Hiker I sent you an email:)