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09-14-2010, 17:10
checked a few springs today in the Southern District of SNP - summary:

Hightop summit - dry (as expected)
Hightop Hut - shallow pool with no obvious flow - slightly better than Saturday 9/11 but the rain over the weekend did not help all that much
Pinefield Hut - wet spots but not usable without digging and even then ???
Ivy Creek where it crosses the AT - good pools - easy dip whole water bottle
Ivy Creek Maint. Bldg. - good flow from spring est 3L/min no pool

09-14-2010, 19:09
Thx for the SD Springs status HOI . I have 2 reports from the northern district.

As of 9/06 ;

Pass Mountain Hut - spring running slow but steady.
Gravel Springs Hut- two good sized pools , little flow into each.

Country Roads
09-14-2010, 20:30
HOI, thanks for the update, much appreciated. Looks like we better carry water from Ivy Creek to Pinefield Hut next week.

Hate to carry water, but hate not having it way more.

09-15-2010, 07:29
if desperate for water at Pinefield Hut it is possible to bushwhack down to Ivy Creek - its about half a mile down hill - there used to be a trail but that was several years ago and a couple ice storms ago

09-18-2010, 16:06
additional note: hiked by the spring at Doyle River Cabin - it was flowing good - est 2 L/min from pipe and there was a medium pool in the box

Country Roads
09-18-2010, 16:22
Awesome! I did not even weigh my pack today, I just don't want to know!
As much as we want to stay on the AT, we might have to drop down to the Moormans River trail and follow it around to Blackrock Gap. That would give us an excuse to hike this part again :).

09-20-2010, 18:16
finished checking the springs in the Southern District - summary:
Black Rock Hut spring- slow flow - estimated 1L/5 min dribbling out of the pipe, bucket under pipe
Saw Mill Run (old shelter site) spring is dry
Jarman Gap spring on AT - damp but probably not usable even if dug out
Stream just north of Jarman Gap - dry with a few damp spots
Spring on AT near SNP boundary just before the power line cut if headed south - someone had dug a couple holes - at the post the water was maybe a couple cup fulls in a very small pool - approx 40 feet north was another slightly bigger pool - no obvious flow from either source
Calf Mtn. Shelter spring 0.2m from AT - slow flow out of the pipe - est 1L/3min

09-21-2010, 20:43
Many thanks for your water updates HOI. I'm parking in Front Royal tom. & hittin' the AT SOBO for awhile. I usually just carry a liter w/ me. But until VA gets some rain, I'll carry more.

09-22-2010, 08:26
If you're hiking south from Front Royal I would carry a good bit. The only reliable sources when I hiked two weeks ago were Gravel Springs and Elkwallow (at the wayside). We have not had a lot of rain since then.

It sucked, but I was carrying 2-3L at all times.

09-27-2010, 11:54
It's pouring in Waynesboro right now. And there's 2-4 inches of rain expected in the next 24 hours. This should help the situation.

10-02-2010, 16:34
Checked a few springs today

Hightop Summit box full, good flow, est 3L/min
Hightop Hut shallow pool, very slow flow - nothing from pipe and could hear some drips from the back of the spring
Pinefield Hut very good flow, at least 5 L/min