View Full Version : winter hiking

09-19-2010, 13:12
started in may befor kahtadin opened got heat rash so bad since im still 50 lbs overweight6 decided to take summer off in rangeley got job as grill cook at bmc diner ive been back on trail 5 days and leaving today from ghorum did anyone else take summer off due to record heat in new england planning to hike over winter because they might be large /overweight and handle cold better than heat and will be going sobo 2010-2011 would suck if im only one:banana

Wolf - 23000
09-22-2010, 03:37
I've done the New England states in the winter. It is straight out no joke. Everything is FROZEN. Springs, ponds, streams are frozen. A 10 mile hike is going to feel like 30 miles breaking snow the whole way. Unless you done some serious winter hiking, I suggest waiting until the summer.