View Full Version : Reentry Shock

Mother Natures Son
09-19-2010, 15:11
Has anyone gotten, "Reentry Shock" after they left the trail? Mine come when I got off the trail near Maine. Man, talk about a hard time getting back into the real world! All I wanted to do is get back on the trail. For me it took time (lots of time) to readjust.:banana

09-19-2010, 16:51
It gets harder every year.

09-19-2010, 17:23
Happens to me every time I come back. The longer I stay in the woods the more I realize that I just may not be cut out for this modern world.

09-19-2010, 17:28
Yes, I had reentry shock. I've been home now for over a year. Part of me is still on the trail. I've decided I really don't have that much of a personal investment in this modern world so I'm no longer really trying to fit into it. It feels much better this way, to not have too much of a personal investment in a screwed up way of life. As I watch my bank account fill up again, I'm thinking when it hits $X, time for another hike.