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09-21-2010, 21:15
I want to hike the W. Va section but I'm a bit confused about exactly how many miles this means. I am looking to park in Harpers Ferry and get shuttled to possibly VA7 and hike NOBO. Has anyone done this short section? It's only about 20 miles but I don't want to rush it (It looks a bit tough with all the ups and downs). It looks like there is only 1 shelter in between (David Lesser). Are there any tent sites near Devils Racecourse? Anyone know of a shuttle service between HF and VA7? What about water sources? I'm planning for early November. Thanks for any help.

Mrs Baggins
09-22-2010, 10:44
We've done it once and I'm about to do it again with a group of women. It's not that difficult. It is 20 miles and you have the Blackburn Trail Center at 7.3 miles (3.5 miles before the shelter) to get more water and rest up. The shelter is very nice - covered picnic table, big "porch" style swing, big shelter with a nice deck and raised sleeping area. Water is down the hill from it as are the tent spaces. From there it's basically downhill to Harpers Ferry. When you get to Keys Gap you can do a quick short trip down the road to a gas station/quickie mart for snacks/sodas/potty break. We always leave a car at the HF Visitors Center and get a ride to our start point. This time my son will drive us to Snickers Gap.

09-22-2010, 11:32
i did this section and parked my car at Harper Ferry and got a shuttle to Snickers Gap from Bill @ [email protected] it only cost about $30 for the shuttle. It is easier then it looks on the map. Some up and downs at the start but not to bad. we stopped at blackburn to eat lunch and fill up on water then pushed on to Dave Lesser shelter to camp for the night. From Dave lesser shelter to HF is a easy hike. We did it in like 4 1/2 hrs, mostly flat walking alot of rocky parts once you get closer to HF.
i am planning to do Sky Meadow State Park to Snickers gap "roller coasters" on Oct 9th if anyone is intrested in joining me?
Good luck and if you have any questions you can PM me.

09-22-2010, 18:14
Thanks so much to both for the info.....just what I was looking for. But now I'm thinking how can I extend this trip to be 2 overnights/3 days. Where would I be able to access the AT south of Snickers Gap? I've already done all of Maryland so I need to think southward.

09-22-2010, 18:40
Once you head south of RT 7 you are squarely in the roller coaster. It is not the end of the world, just quick 200-400 ascents and descents. You can split the section in half at route 605. You could stop over at Sam Moore shelter or Bears Den Hostel. Below 605 south to route 50 is pretty tame and you have Rod Hollow shelter.

11-08-2010, 09:02
My daughter and I just finished our hike this weekend from Snickers Gap to Harpers Ferry. We had a great time.....the trail is beautiful. It was very cold but that's the way we like it. It wasn't difficult but we made it a 2 nite/3 day trip.

We could not find the new shelter that we were told about. The shuttler said it was complete but didn't know the name or whether a sign was posted yet. It's supposed to be around Devils Racecourse. We ended up stealth camping. Does anyone know of this new shelter?

11-08-2010, 13:14
Name redundancy is the problem. There is a Devils Racecourse 4 miles south of the Blackburn Trail Center .. and a Devils Racecourse shelter 36 miles north of Harpers Ferry. The new shelter is at Raven Rock about 35 miles north of Harpers Ferry.

11-08-2010, 13:24
Aha, thanks for clearing up the confusion Couscous.