View Full Version : apalachicola, florida, info request

John B
09-22-2010, 20:24
Anyone who lives in or near Apalachicola, Florida know anything about the Oct 23 marathon, "Running for the Bay"? Is the race well organized? Lots of runners? I know it's flat as a board, but would I be running into the wind for half the race? Are the hotels listed a good cross section? Any in particular that are a great place to stay? Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


09-22-2010, 23:55
I'm from Panama City, FL, and have made many trips over to Appalachicola. I'm not familiar with the marathon over there, but the website shows a lot of sponsors... the marathon course covers some very flat beautiful coastal scenery along Hwy 98 from Appalachicola to St George Island and back, it crosses the main bridge over Appalachicola Bay. your'e right it will be flat, and no way to predict the wind or weather this soon. end of October is usually some of the best weather all year down here in NW Florida.

The Gibson Inn in downtown Appalachicola is a really neat restored Victorian Inn, i've stayed there a couple times, its a popular place. There are many rental houses over on St George Island, you could also check with some local realtors. There aren't many other motels in Appalachicola worth staying at, there are many good seafood restaurants around there.

good luck!

That part of Florida is one of the last fairly pristine, undeveloped coastal areas left in the state, its fairly quiet over there and has the best oysters in the U.S.!