View Full Version : Licklog Gap Campsite and Spring

Daydream Believer
09-26-2010, 19:47
Can anyone tell me about this campsite? It's just north of Wayah Shelter...about 1.3 miles. I was also wondering how reliable the Spring is.


09-27-2010, 10:07
i camped there in may. it's a very nice spot, plenty of room for several tents and/or hammocks, a well-established fire ring, and sunrise views. coyotes were close to our camp that night, and gave one heck of a concert. if there was a spring there, we didn't see it. we watered up a mile or so beforehand. that was one of my favorite camping spots on that stretch of trail.

Shooting Star
09-27-2010, 21:41
I passed through this weekend and Licklog looked dry. The
Wayah shelter had slow flowing water. The stream just south
of Burningtown Gap was flowing well.

- Shooting Star

Daydream Believer
09-27-2010, 22:22
Thanks for the info! Hopefully this spell of wet weather will help the springs. I know my part of VA is getting swamped.

Sounds like a good place to spend the night as long as I bring in plenty of water. Thanks!