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09-29-2010, 11:34
I'm planning on doing a south to north thru of Shendoah mid october. I'm not in prime shape so I expect it to take 8-9 days. I'm preparing now and struggling with a few questions....Any help would be appreciated......

1.)Food-I'm aware that you can step into any one of three waysides and pick up a meal, that eliminates three meals that I need to carry. I'm trying to avoid carrying so much food, Is there anywhere that I can do a mail drop or pick up backpacking food in the park?

2.)Water- i have following the notes from hikers and have also printed off the advisory from the rangers at SNP. I'm figuring that there are a few dry stretches where I'm going to have to carry extra water. Is the water situation going to improve in the next two to three weeks or stay the same?

Thanks for your input and many hiking reports they make life a lot easier.

09-29-2010, 12:48
you can pickup backpacking food at the Loft Mtn. Campstore, Lewis Mtn. Campstore, and Big Meadows Wayside/Campstore, and Elkwallow Wayside - selection is limited esp. at Lewis Mtn. and Elkwallow - they are all high priced IMO since AraMark maintains a monopoly on services in the park - also not selection may be limited by the lateness of the season - several of the stores are closing 1 Nov and so they are trying to get rid of stock and not restocking

Other possibilities - from Swift Run Gap you can go East on US 33 to Goose Pond Rd. or Lydia Store and call for Greene County Transit to take you to the new super WalMart in Ruckersville for resupply or the Trail Motel for a night in a bed (they are close enough together that you can easily walk from one to the other) - for that matter Lydia Store may have all you need

I am less sure of the other options from Thorton Gap.

Another possibility is to park a car about half way through the park and have a food cache in the trunk (if so recommend mouse proof containers sealed)

09-29-2010, 13:39
I would anticipate the water situation improving over the next few weeks but I would not count on it. After I saw how dry it was last month I always hiked with a minimum of 3L.

As far as food goes - I would call ahead to make sure the waysides will be open. When I was in Elkwallow the grill guy said they are open till "Octoberish". Worth a few calls to check on updated dates.

09-29-2010, 14:06
This is a case where the trail maps may come in handy. Most of the AT stays up on the ridge line, but there are several side trails leading down to streams and a few very nice waterfalls. May come in handy if the water situation doesn't improve. Also may catch your interest as some of the best sights are on the side trails through SNP.

09-29-2010, 15:28
Thorton Gap - hitch into Luray. Many do that. Wal mart there as well.
Water can be gotten at waysides, picnic areas, etc. Much less of a problem in SNP honestly than on other parts of the trail.