View Full Version : Reds Infamous burritos

Panama Red
12-04-2004, 16:26
Ingredients list:

makes 3 ( hiker ) sevrings

Half a bag of bear creek torilla soup
1 12 oz can of your favorite salsa
1 lb ground beef (optional)
3 cups of water
6 flour torillas

The tortilla soup is great in itself but for a little extra flavor i add the meat and salsa so if you feel uncomfortable carring meat in your pack for a few days that okay.
Follow the directions of the soup mix half of the 8 serving bag and only 3 cups of water, this will thicken the mixture. (If meat is desired precook and add with salsa.) add the 12oz can of salsa just before cooking is complete. slap on a torilla and dig in!

If anyone has any more ideas on how to improve this recipe post a reply

-Panama red

Pencil Pusher
12-05-2004, 18:22
Mmmm burritos... time for lunch.

12-05-2004, 21:37
A burrito post by a guy with the name "Panama Red?" Gives new meaning to the term "Trail Blazing!" Or maybe not so new I guess.

Long ago when I lived in Thailand we did some serious blazin'...not so many trails though, no burritos either.

Great recipe!