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V Eight
10-03-2010, 13:40
I was searching the site for info on camping sites, when I came across athread


that contained this;

- Campsite at Bartram Trail, AT intersection on
northside of Wayah Bald was dry. The new shelter
a quarter mile north had a slow but usable stream.

My 2010 A.T. Guide does not show this shelter.

I am planning my next section UniCoi to NOC 10/16 10/23. Im good
from Unicoi Gap to Standing Indian campground, but from there on things are
sketchy. I was thinking about camping at mile115.9 Wine Spring but if there
is a shelter close, I would stay at it or camp near it. Then go to Cold Spring
then on to the NOC.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Shooting Star
10-03-2010, 14:45
On top of Wine Spring Mtn, there is a water source and
several camp spots. The Bartram Trail intersects the A.T.
up here from the left (west?) and they run together across
Wayah Bald before they separate again.

My older 2007 "Wingfoot" Thru-Hikers Handbook does
not list anything about the new shelter. If you are northbound
coming off Wayah Bald, you'll hit the intersection of the A.T.
and the Bartram Trail. The Bartram Trail heads off to the right
(east) toward Franklin NC. The A.T. continues to the left.
There is a hand carved ("scratched") sign that lists a new
shelter 1/4 mile down the A.T. It's a cozy one with privy,
bear cables and a stream.

At the A.T. and Bartram Trail intersection, there is a good
camping area with fire ring and places to hang food. The water
source there was dry for me but may be running now with all
the rain in the last week.

I found this link to a story about the shelter...

Shooting Star

10-03-2010, 14:58
I stayed at the Wayah Bald shelter this Memorial Day weekend (2010). There were no bear cables to be seen then...super if they are there now. The privy was very close to the shelter (IMHO) and stunk really bad w/the wind blowing from that direction. :)

V Eight
10-03-2010, 18:29
Shooting Star
I read the post incorrectly. I thought I thought you meant that there was a new
shelter at Wine spring. Sorry for my confusion.

btw- nice story on the link you posted