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10-04-2010, 20:09
So, what are your thoughts on the NY portion of the trail>? No hitchiking, no camping near some of the shelters, that's some downsides i see but have never been there. What are your experiences?

Raul Perez
10-04-2010, 21:33
The constant change in elevation def makes it a challenge from NY to Bear Mountain. Plan on finishing off NY next May 2011 with a 55 mile section (Bear Mtn Bridge to CT).

As far as no camping near some of the shelters... havent seen that rule being enforced at all. In fact I didnt know it was a rule?

Feral Bill
10-04-2010, 23:39
As much as some law enfoecement would like it to be different, hitch hiking is legal in New York. Stay on the shoulder and (Thruway excepted) you are untouchable. If they arrest you, pay for your next hike with the false arrest proceeds.

10-05-2010, 00:04
hitching is illegal in NJ and NY according to the ALDHA, but probably not so heavily enforced. basically you can have cops harrass you in all 50 states for hitching but you usually get a move along, or sometimes a ride depending on the cops mood. never heard anything about the shelters. basically all shelters real close to roads are sketchy to stay at period and ones farther from roads i doubt any cops will be checking on them.

10-05-2010, 00:09
2010 thru hikers companion: "in new york, campfires are prohibited except in designated fire rings and fireplaces at established campsites and shelters. Camping itself is limited to designated sites. Hitchhiking is illegal in New York."
like virtually all of the trail, limited camping means within 100 feet of the shelter. you can still use Leave no trace practices to set camp further away

10-05-2010, 08:18
When I think of the AT in NY, I consider the 2 halves separately: West of the Hudson vs. East of the Hudson. West is mostly in Harriman Park (the location of the first blazed part of the AT dating from the 1920s) and features a lot of steep ups and downs. It also happens to be where I first set foot on the AT as a child. Many thruhikers underestimate the difficulty of this part and consequently complain about its alleged PUDS. On a clear day, some points give you views of the NYC skyline. I recall seeing such from Black Mountain.

East of the Hudson is generally easier hiking and far less crowded. I've hiked from Bear Mountain to Rt. 22 twice, both in the same year (June and November of '05). On the November hike which was slow because of dry slippery freshly-fallen oak leaves, I camped between shelters every night. I know that recent issues of the Companion as well as the latest edition of the official guidebook state that such camping is prohibited. But as I said in another long-ago thread, I think this prohibition was created by editorial discretion from the NYNJTC rather than any governmental action; their previous guidebook did not restrict camping east of the Hudson.

Raul Perez
10-05-2010, 08:35
I have yet to see a Park Ranger West of the Hudson River. And my buddy and I camped off trail one night with no issues.

10-06-2010, 23:51
I have yet to see a Park Ranger West of the Hudson River. And my buddy and I camped off trail one night with no issues.

Oh they're there alright. In fact, this summer, when all the streams were dry, one of them gave me and my wife water from out of a cooler he had in his truck.
But to see one away from their vehicle, and out in the woods, is another thing, and highly unlikely unless they are involved with a rescue.

10-07-2010, 01:07
I live here in new York, 5 minutes from the trail. I have done the section a number of times. It's pretty cool, I guess. Pawling has the train station that can take you into the coy for whatever reason, plus there is a hot dog stand just down the street from the train station but it may be closed during winter months, not sure. Shelters are decent, plenty of water, lots of rocks and rain. Bear mountain bridge is nice too. It's the lowest elevation on the entire trail. I would consider camping at can opus lake just after 301 if you were nobo. It's got some sweet spots on top of some bouldery cliffs next to the lake, nice and chill spot.

10-07-2010, 01:08
I meant to say city when referring to the train station. Still getting used to the new iPad.:cool: