View Full Version : Exped Dreamwalker 650

10-05-2010, 08:55
Can anyone give a short review or comments on the Exped Dreamwalker 650 or the Dreamwalker 450 model? Or the older Wallcreeper I think it was called. It's similar to a FF Rock /Winter Wren but a little heavier. Just wondering if it's really useful or just another gimmick. Seems like it might be nice in a hammock or even on the ground especially in the morning or when nature calls.



Powder River
10-05-2010, 15:05

I dunno about Exped, but I'll stick with my snuggie. :D:D

Sorry I really couldn't resist...

10-05-2010, 18:47
Hey, that was my first reaction too - can I get it in an animal print like a Snuggie?

But the concept seems intriguing though and I've heard good reviews about Feathered Friend's Rock Wren and Winter Wren bags which are a similar concept.

10-05-2010, 19:43
I have the Wallcreeper and it is great around camp, especially in the AM. I don't have to carry a down jacket.

I can get up, pee, make coffee and tear down camp without getting out of my bag.

I also like being able to open up the arm holes to read at night. It's like wearing a long down vest.

Another not so well known advantage is that it makes a darn good two person quilt. The shape lends itself to that kind of use.
My wife and I rely on it alone in the warmer months.